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Fiesta® Cup and Saucer (Post 1986)

Cup and Saucer Production: - present

by Steve Labinski

Tangerine Cup and Saucer
"Is that a storm in your teacup, or are those just clouds in your coffee?"

Tempest in a Tea Cup

The Fiesta Cup and Saucer set is one of the finest elements in the line. HLC has augmented the line with an After Dinner Cup and Saucer, and the highly collectible After Dinner Stick Handle Cup and Saucer.

The teacup has undergone a number of changes over the years, subtle differences that end up being important clues to determine the item's period of production. Unlike the vintage Fiesta teacup, the Post86 version uses the shape designed for Amberstone, Casualstone and Fiesta Ironstone in the late 1960s, which abandoned the original style for the C-handle slightly wider shape which can accomodate fatter fingers.

The teacup and saucer has been made in all Post86 colors. What is your favorite color? Happy collecting!

The Post86 Cup and Saucer is two different item numbers: Cup 452 Saucer 470.

Collectors and sellers sell Fiesta Cup and Saucer online every day. Check here for the current list of auctions and Buy It Now specials. This list below combines both the stick handle demitasse and the ring handle cups.

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