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Fiesta® A.D. Cup and Saucer (Stick Handle) (Post 1986)

by Steve Labinski

Fiesta Demitasse Cup and Saucer Stick Handle
"Wait! Where are you going? I was going to make espresso."
- Blind Man in Young Frankenstein

Deities and Demitasse

The Fiesta A.D. Cup and Saucer set, an impressive art deco-style design, was produced by HLC during the 1990's up to 2001. It's a perfect cup to sip strong coffee such as espresso.

The set is a classic example of an item that never sold well at all at the retail level, but subsequently has become highly collectible. One reason for their later popularity in collector circles: they were not produced in large quantities. There is another thing that keeps the prices of these items going up - that stick handle breaks off so easily.

Take good care of your stick handle cups and saucers, and happy collecting. Oh and by the way, A.D. is an abbreviation for After Dinner.

The Post86 A.D. Cup and Saucer (Stick Handle) is item number 478. (Cup 476 Saucer 477)

It was produced in the sequential post-86 colors up to sunflower yellow. There have also been limited quantities produced for special colors like marigold. The company's current main production cup and saucer set features the ring handle design.

Collectors and sellers sell Fiesta A.D. Cup and Saucer online every day. Check here for the current list of auctions and Buy It Now specials. This list below combines both the stick handle demitasse and the ring handle cups.

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