Chili Powder: Chili Powder Seasoning


Some like it hot.
Some like it mild.
And some like it just right.
Chile Powder for sale

Chili powder is a seasonings that varies immensely from brand to brand (for the store-bought variety) to chile to chile (for homemade powders). Cooks should actively monitor its use by frequent tasting while preparing a dish to ensure that it's portioned according to taste. We have a great article explaining how to make your own chili powder, but there are many of us who need not go to such lengths. In most cases, the pre-packaged chili spice works just fine.

Just keep in mind that this stuff is like wine; it's all going to be slightly different. Which is actually something that makes it all the more interesting.

Is chili powder the spice of life?

For regular cooking, we typically use Gephart's Chili Powder or McCormick's. When cooking anything from Cheese Enchiladas to Brazos River Chili, or from Albondigas to King Ranch Chicken, good chili powder is a must.

We've found that people are selling a variety of interesting and new chili powders on eBay. Look here for the current list of what's for sale.

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