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Vintage Forest Green Fiesta® (1951 - 1959)

Vintage Forest Green Fiesta Production: -

by Steve Labinski

Vintage Forest Green Fiesta

The Mighty Forest Green

By 1950, Homer Laughlin decided it was time to make changes to the colors in the Fiesta line. One of these changes was to retire green, and find it's replacement. In a deprature from tradition, HLC's choices of 50's colors incicated that not all Fiesta should be pastels or bright colors. Among the new batch were gray and forest green. Forest green is a vigorous, dark shade of green that adds a muted harmony to the line of vintage glazes.

Produced for only ten years, and in lower quantity than the original Fiesta colors, collecting vintage forest green can be challenging.

Identifying Vintage Forest Green

Oddly, forest green gets confused with medium green. Forest green is significantly darker. The glaze's descriptive name "forest" is accurate. Medium green is lighter, the same green color of John Deere tractors.

Check our help on identifying Fiesta to make sure you are buying the right piece.

One of the famous 50's colors, vintage forest green is a classic. Collecting this glaze is highly rewarding.

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