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Vintage Gray Fiesta® (1951 - 1959)

Vintage Gray Fiesta Production: -

by Steve Labinski

Vintage Gray Fiesta
"I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue."
- Rick - Casablanca

Gray Gardens

Gray is part of what's called Vintage Fiesta's 50's colors.

Along with forest green, rose and chartreuse, these replaced the outgoing original colors blue, light green and ivory. HLC officially produced gray for nine years, but during this time the company was discontinuing pieces that were no longer selling well, resulting in many pieces in gray to become highly collectible.

For example, the egg cup was discontinued in 1956 for which gray is one of the rarest colors. Also highly prized in gray are the juice water pitcher, casserole and coffeepot.

Vintage gray is slightly darker than Post86 Pearl Gray. And when we say slightly, we are not exaggerating. Distinguishing between the two colors can be difficult. During the Pearl Gray run, HLC began adding the raised H to the underside of the items, but there are still many pieces not marked. The surest ways to distinguish vintage gray from pearl gray is to check for the sagger pin marks on the vintage pieces, and a dry, wiped foot on the Post86. Post86 is also smaller and heavier because the vitrified china is more dense. For more info, see our page on identifying Fiesta dinnerware.

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