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Fiesta® Pyramid Candlesticks (Post 1986)

by Steve Labinski

Fiesta Pyramid Candlesticks

Fiesta Pyramid Scheme

If only I had a quarter for every time someone looking at the pairs of Fiesta pyramid candlestick holders asked me what they were! These little beauties are one of the most unqiue, interesting designs in the Fiesta line.

Using the original mold from the vintage days, it also happens to be one of the more difficult items to properly produce. This was one of the pieces in the original product announcment from Homer Laughlin in 1986.

In the early 2000's HLC ceased full production and with recent colors only made Pyramid Candlesticks in limited runs.

Pyramid candlesticks are a prime example of a piece which can be easily confused with its vintage counterpart. The best way to distinguish the difference is to turn them upside down. A vintage piece has three sagger pin marks, a wet foot and it glazed throughout. The Post86 variety has no sagger pin marks, a dry foot and is not fully glazed on the inside.

Pyramid Candlesticks Production

A limited run in lilac (estimated at 500) was produced for Bloomingdale's. 1000 were produced in tangerine for the Factory Outlet. 48 were produced in scarlet red for the special East Liverpool HSAA auction. Runs of 1000 have been produced in turquoise and heather. Special runs of 500 were produced in numbered pairs for the Retail Outlet in ivory, chocolate, lemongrass and flamingo. Will this the be future trend?

The Post86 Pyramid Candlesticks is Item Code 489.

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