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Fiesta® Planter and Sauce (Post 1986)

Luncheon Plate Production: In production

by Steve Labinski

Fiesta Luncheon Plate
Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.
- Orson Wells

Lunch Drunk Love

For years I ignored the Fiesta Luncheon Plate. I must confess, this is mostly because the plate is not one of the two included in the Fiesta place setting sets. So since I already have two sizes of plates, why would I need any others?

Despite all the years of ignoring them, looking past them in stacks of open stock Fiesta, these nine inch plates never held any resentment. As soon as I happened upon buying one - my first luncheon plate was in marigold - I was pleased at how useful these plates actually are.

The Size Is Just Right

In some ways they the the Goldilocks plates in the Fiesta line. They aren't too big, like the dinner plate. Nor are they just a tad too small, which I frequently find the salad plate. Luncheon plates are just right. From sandwiches to snacks to desserts, these plates are wonderful serving pieces.

HLC has produced these in all of the post-86 colors, except Sapphire. They are typically carried in stock at the department stores, and on Macys.com.

The Post86 Luncheon Plate 0" is item number 465.

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