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Vintage Yellow Fiesta® (1936 - 1969)

Vintage Yellow Fiesta Production: -

by Steve Labinski

Vintage Yellow Fiesta

Old Yellow

"As we live a life of ease,
Every one of us has all we need.
(One of us, has all we need)
Vintage blue and vintage green
(Vintage blue, vintage green)
Vintage yellow in between!
(Vintage yellow in between, aha!)
- Fiesta Beats / Steve Labinski

Yellow was one of the original five colors in the Fiesta line. In 1936, after deciding upon the colors red, blue and green, Frederick Rhead noted in his journal, "The next obvious color was yellow, and this had to be toned halfway between the red and the green. Only the most brilliant yellow we could make would talk in comparison to the other three".

The active verb Rhead uses in his final sentence: to talk. He was right on the money, because the radiant yellow shade that HLC incorporated spoke wonders. And people listened. It was used for the entire length of the Fiesta line from 1936 to 1969.

The vintage yellow glaze is distinctly different from the Post86 yellows. (Larger size photo on our Tumblr blog)

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