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Kitchen Kraft from Homer Laughlin

Meet Kitchen Kraft

The Homer Laughlin China Company has produced numerous lines of kitchenware beyond their well-known Fiestaware line. In 1939 they introduced a bake-and-serve line called Fiesta Kitchen Kraft.

Fiesta Kitchen Kraft was produced in the four original Fiesta colors, red, yellow, green and blue.

This line was only produced from 1939 to sometime during WWII before 1945.

The following pieces for Fiesta Kitchen Kraft were produced:

  • Covered jars (small, medium, large)
  • Mixing bowls (10", 8" and 6")
  • Covered casseroles (8½", 7½" and individual)
  • Pie plate, 10"
  • Salt and pepper shakers (large)
  • Covered jug, large
  • Spoon, fork and cake server
  • Refrigerator set, 4-piece
  • Cake plate, 11"
  • Plates (6" and 9")

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