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Fiesta® Tumblers (Post 1986)

Tumbler Production: -

by Steve Labinski

Fiesta Tumblers
Everybody takes a tumbler, don't you know?

I'll Tumble For Ya

Starting around either and , HLC began producing the popular Tumbler. The shape had been popular during the vintage Fiesta run when they were frequently sold as sets along with disc pitchers. The post 86 tumblers are still sold with pitchers, but they seem to more than likely to be sold on their own. They are quite fun to collect individually.

Unlike their vintage counterparts, the post86 tumblers are significantly thicker, probably because of the vitrified china firing process. After a successful run, the company announced that, along with a handful of other items, they would cease production of tumblers on May 31, 2013.

HLC has produced these in all of the post-86 colors, up to 2013. They are typically not carried in stock at the department stores. Fortunately there are plenty of them for sale online.

The Post86 Tumbler (6 1/2 oz.) is item number 446.

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