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Fiesta® Skull & Vine Pattern (Post 1986)

Production: - Present

by Steve Labinski

Fiesta Skull and Vine Dishes

Dia de Los Fiesta

At long last, the HLC people took some pop culture inspiration with Fiesta and deftly applied it to the Skull & Vine pattern. The skull pattern comes from the Dia de Los Muertos celebration held in Mexico and parts of the United States every November 1 and 2.

In 2017, the pattern was imprinted on the company's new Foundry Collection, a charcoal glaze.

The original Skull & Vine was produced on the Foundry 9" Luncheon Plate, 11 ¾" Chop Plate, Appetizer Plate, Tapered Mug and Pasta Bowl.

In 2018, HLC added light-colored Skull & Vine to Fiesta dishes with the White glaze. Pieces in this set included:

  • Luncheon Plate, 9"
  • Appetizer Plate
  • Chop Plate, 11 ¾" with a center decal
  • Chop Plate, 11 ¾” with a rim decal
  • Tapered Mug
  • Pasta Bowl
  • Bread Tray
  • Ramekin
  • Large Disk Pitcher
  • Salt & Pepper Set
  • Utility/Jam Jar
  • Tumbler
They are typically carried in stock at the department stores, and on Macys.com.

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