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Virginia Rose

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Eggshell Georgian snapshot

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

Designed by Homer Laughlin China's art director Frederick Rhead, Virginia Rose is one of HLC's elegant and most popular shapes. Over two hundred and fifty different patterns have been found on the Virginia Rose shape. Rhead originally described it: a "Rose Medallion a festoon shape", which ultimately grew into Virginia Rose. The name is in honor of W.E. Wells' granddaughter Virginia Rose Wells.

Homer Laughlin produced Virginia Rose from 1929 into the 1970s.

Below is a list of all the current Virginia Rose china pieces offered right now on eBay. Feel free to visit this page often to see what is for sale.

A partial list of the many patterns of Virginia Rose

  • Amherst VR420
  • Blue Bella and Rose
  • Blue Bonnet VR420
  • Armand Accessories
  • Armand One VR235
  • Armand Two VR257
  • Armand Three VR440
  • Bouquet W137
  • Colonial Couple
  • Colonial Kitchen
  • Columbine VR232
  • Daisies
  • Dixie Rose
  • Double Gold Band VR116
  • Elaine VR423
  • Evelyn VR256
  • Falls Beauty
  • Florets
  • Flowers " Filigree VR231
  • Flanders Poppy
  • Fluffy Rose VR128
  • Fluffy Rose VR332
  • Fluffy Rose VR178
  • Full Cover
  • Garden Ring VR104
  • Gold Rose VR115
  • Heather Rose VR437
  • Helene VR431
  • Imperial Blue Dresden
  • Jeanette
  • Jeanette VR119
  • Little Louise VR390
  • Liza VR351
  • Maude VR108
  • Meadow Goldenrod VR135
  • Meadow Goldenrod VR175
  • Meadow Goldenrod VR411
  • Medieval Rose VR441
  • Moss Rose JJ59
  • Nosegay VR423
  • Oak Dale
  • Odds and Ends
  • Olivia
  • Patrician VR124
  • Petit Point CP95
  • Pink Moss Rose VR269
  • Red Beauty
  • Red Line VR158
  • Red Pig
  • Red Poppy
  • Rose Melody VR109
  • Shirley
  • Silver Rose VR124
  • Silver Scroll VR172
  • Snow
  • South of France VR387
  • Spanish Wall
  • Specialty Bowls
  • Springtime W245
  • Spring Wreath CAC186
  • Stylized Poppy
  • Three Daisy
  • Three Daisy VR421
  • Tulips in Basket VR386
  • Tulips in Basket VR412
  • Turkey
  • Unidentified 2
  • Water Lily VR398
  • Wayside VR437
  • Wedgwood VR456
  • Wildflower
  • Wings
  • Woodland
  • Woodland Beauty
Certain information from Blossoming of the Virginia Rose, The Dish, Summer, 2012 by Darlene Nossaman

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