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Sapphire Fiesta® (Post 1986)

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Sapphire Fiestaware snapshot

Meet Sapphire Fiesta

Sapphire is a bright blue color, more brilliant than the 1930s cobalt. A Fiesta collector once allegedly described it as "the color of Paul Newman's eyes." Limited to only 180 firing days, this color has quickly become one of the rarest, difficult to find post86 Fiesta collectible.

Compounding the scarcity issue is the fact that Homer Laughlin produced exclusively for one department store - Bloomingdale's. The rewards of collecting Sapphire Fiesta ware will be as rich as the final price paid.

Sapphire Blue Shapes

The sapphire line appeared is only these shapes:
  • five-piece place settings
  • 13 ½ oval platter
  • 32-ounce serving bowl
  • large disk pitcher
  • 6 ½ ounce tumbler
  • medium flower vase
  • wall clock
  • handled serving tray
  • carafe

Additionally, the Fiesta-Mates' jumbo 18 oz. cup and saucer were dipped in sapphire. However, no sugar and creamer or salt and pepper were produced. Since its retirement, collectors have already been actively buying and selling it.

The Sapphire color looks very similar to the vintage blue glaze, because it is that same luminous, shiny blue. Keep in mind that there was far, far more vintage blue Fiesta produced, and also that the sapphire items will fall under the same identification rules for distinguishing vintage pieces from the post-86: The newer sapphire pieces will be slightly smaller and heavier because of the vitrified clay body. Sapphire was produced before Homer Laughlin initiated the H mark in to distinguish a newer line.

Fiesta collectors and sellers auction items from the Sapphire Fiesta line regularly. Check this page to see all of the current auctions in this prized color.

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