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Paprika Fiestaware snapshot The Homer Laughlin China Co., often known as HLC, spices up its Fiesta dinnerware line for with the Summer introduction of the color paprika, a subdued but warm color that will surely become the company's latest hit.

Recently, we walked into the kitchen area of a Macy's department store in Austin, Texas where creative merchandisers sought to capitalize on college town's patriotism by creating a display of the paprika Fiesta ware, along with a sign pointing out its similarity to "UT orange."

Although we give the sales team an "A" for enthusiasm, paprika is not like UT's famous burnt orange school color. This particular glaze is, more clearly, a deep, dark shade between red and brown.

Commonly, Paprika is used around the world as a cooking spice. Beginning in Europe the spice is produced by grinding dried bell peppers. In America, paprika is typically mild in flavor and used to add color in cooking, although the spice varies in heat and flavor. (See our TexasCooking articles on Barbecue Ribs and How To Make Your Own Chili Powder)

For now, Homer Laughlin has produced another great way to color up meals without having to reach for the spice itself. Might this one day replace Cinnabar, a color that's been produced since ? Possibly. Paprika is a brighter shade, which seems to be the direction in which the Fiesta colors have been going lately.

Paprika Fiesta is available now in all the popular shapes, including the place settings, the chop plates, and various bowls and disc pitchers. Click on the link below to browse prices and order items through our Texas Dinnerware Store.

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