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Fiesta® Tripod Bowls (Post 1986)

Tripod Bowl Production: -

by Steve Labinski

Happy Little Bowls
Nice bowl, if you can stack it.
And you can stack it -- if you try.
Gershwin Sings Fiesta

Happy Little Bowls

What do you think of our collection of tripod bowls? (See photo)

Why did Homer Laughlin stop making these cute little bowls? Unfortunately, they stopped selling. HLC began producing tripod bowls in because the market for candles in the United States was growing significantly. Following the tripod design of the tripod candle holder, they created these round 5 ounce bowls.

Many people refer to tripod bowls as salsa bowls. We've scooped salsa (and guacamole) out of them with chips, and we can verify that they serve perfectly well.

The tripod bowl has been replaced by a number of more recent bowls added to the Fiesta line. That's one of the best thing about Fiesta - there's an overabundance of wonderful bowls.

Below is our list of eBay auctions for Fiesta stacking cereal bowls. This is currently widely available since it's in production, so also check Macy's.com and Amazon for the best deals of the day.

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