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Fiesta® Cake Plates (Serving Tray) (Post 1986)

by Steve Labinski

Peach Upside-down Cake on the Lemongrass Macy's Exclusive Cake Plate with Server
"Cups and cakes, cups and cakes
Please make sure that nothing breaks
The china's so dear and the treacle so clear
And I'm glad that you are here

Cups and Cakes Spinal Tap

Cake Plate, Take One

The Post 86 Fiesta line has had two official pieces produced as cake plates. HLC originally created a lovely plate with a distinctive art deco design that had tabs on opposite ends. The plate measures 12 inches across at the tabs. It frequently referred to and sold as a "cake plate" however, guess what? That's not it's name.

It's called a round serving tray and was produced into 2001.

Cake Plate, Take Two

The successful 15 inch Fiesta Pizza Tray inspired the company to make a smaller version that could be used for cakes and cookies. At 12 inches the 12 " Pizza Tray is popularly used as a cake plate. In fact, HLC combined this plate with a swell looking ceremic cake server into a box and made it a Macy's exclusive. Look for these selling on Macy's website.

Otherwise, the 12 " Pizza Tray sold by itself works great. We've photographed many of our cake recipes on the plate, including brown sugar pound cake and classic 7 UP cake.

The Post86 Round Serving Tray is item number 468.

The Post86 Small Pizza Tray (12") is item number 575.

Collectors and sellers sell these trays / cake plates online every day. Check here for the current list of auctions and Buy It Now specials.

HLC has produced these in all of the post-86 colors, except Sapphire. They are typically carried in stock at the department stores, and on Macys.com.

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