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Fiesta Large Oval Platter

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Fiesta Extra Large Oval Platter (Post 1986)

2010 - Present

Do you need a big serving platter? If so, HLC has the perfect dish for you: the 19 1/4" Fiesta Extra Large Oval Platter. Over a foot and a half in length, it makes a perfect presentation for major food displays - a large brisket, a whole salmon. We used this platter to photograph our cooked Thanksgiving turkey.

Heavy and durable, the underside of the dish features a support ring in the center to it can carry heavy items. (Photo of oval platter underside)

Looking for an extra large platter to present food in a buffet? This will work very well, and your guests will love the colorful plates.

The Post86 Extra Large Oval Platter (19 1/4") is item number 968.

Collectors and sellers sell Fiesta Extra Large Oval Platters online every day. Check here for the current list of auctions and Buy It Now specials.

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