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Dublin changes name to Dr Pepper, Texas, for a week

Dr Pepper Texas
by Lucas Everidge


DR PEPPER, Texas - This North Texas town, renamed for one week each year, becomes the soft drink capital of Texas.

2001 is also the 110th birthday celebration of the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in the world - and the only one that continues to use the original pure cane sugar recipe. Other plants have switched to corn syrup. (See our related article on cooking with Dr Pepper for more details on the sodapop.

For those who've never visited Dublin, Texas before, don't be confused by the new city limit signs today. The town's 3,600 residents aren't.

The celebration at the small town 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth is a customer appreciation event hosted each year for the past decade by Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company.

Although several community activities are planned for the week, it is the events next Saturday that traditionally pack the streets with 3,000 to 5,000 visiting Dr Pepper aficionados, according to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

Crowning of the 2001 Pretty Peggy Pepper, the young lady who serves as ambassador for the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company, will be a highlight on Saturday. Mrs. Pepper is named for Dr Pepper's advertising icon, which was introduced in the early 1940s.

For much of the day's family-oriented entertainment, events are reminiscent of pre-television days when entertainment called for participation and not just observance.

The town's backyard circus is always a hit with youngsters and parents alike.

Trunks are opened, the dress-up begins, resulting in a Big Top extravaganza of children who may become Wanda the Tightrope Walker, prepared to climb her imaginary ladder, or Marco the Lion Tamer, who directs the lively lions and tigers.

Costumes go right over blue jeans so the transition of a bright-eyed youngster into a circus performer is instantaneous.

The Dr Pepper Carnival also includes a variety of family-oriented games and activities such as an old-fashioned dunking booth, fishing booth, sandbag toss, train ride, face painting and cake walk.

The downtown streets of Dr Pepper, Texas, will be lined with arts and crafts booths. An art gallery will display winning entries in the Dr Pepper art and photography contest.

And the city limit signs along U.S. Highway 377-U.S. 67 will welcome all with "Dr Pepper."


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