Who Is TexasCooking?

It happened around the Thanksgiving holidays, back in 1996. I was with my family up in Fort Worth and someone had brought out my grandmother's collection of recipes, mostly neatly typed single spaced with a typewriter. Her name was Neva, and she had passed away several years earlier, but we all still cooked her recipes, many of which she'd had the good mind to record in writing.

I had been thinking at that time of all the uses the new "world wide web" would bring, and suddenly it dawned on me to take these recipes and post them to my own website, see if anyone comes and reads them.

People did. TexasCooking.com has since had millions of visitors from around the world looking for classic Texas recipes like chicken fried steak and lemon meringue pie. We aren't a conglomerate cooking site. We seek to focus on food from Texas, both old and new, and how easy it is to improve your life by learning how to cook.

How TexasCooking.com started and what our website is about.
We've never gone corporate. Today I run TexasCooking based in Austin, Texas alond with the essential help of my mother (who's the cook), as well as a handful of dedicated writers and techies.

Why All the Fiesta?

We realized that we simply really like using Fiesta dishes for our everyday use. Plus, food looks wonderful when served on them. Therefore in 2009 we made a conscious decision to photograph our recipes, when possible, on Fiesta. We purchase almost all of it out of pocket ourselves. We're genuine fans of the china, which is why we've always been members of the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association.

Feel free to support TexasCooking by buying some Fiesta in through the sales links in our online dinnerware store.

Steven Labinski, Editor

Patricia Mitchell, Executive Advisor

Contributing writers:

John Raven, Ph.B., Jennifer Farmer, Trish Bales, Dorothy Sibole
Sidney Carlisle, David Bulla, Lucas Everidge, Eleanor Bradshaw, Adolfo Alvarez
Randy Lankford, Lori Grossman, Sally Daverse

Write for TexasCooking.com

Texas Cooking / Texana accepts freelance submissions. All articles on our websites are submitted from freelance writers. We pay upon publication on our website. Article length is typically 1000 to 1500 words (exceptions are made depending upon subject matter), and include from one to four recipes, again, depending upon the subject matter. Payment varies from $75 to $150. If you would like to learn how to have your material considered for publication, send e-mail to the Editor's Desk to request additional guidelines, or pitch an idea. We almost always are in the market for articles on Tex-Mex cooking and desserts.

Interested persons are encouraged to browse the site for previously published articles in order to get a good feel for Texas Cooking. We have published from three to five articles each month since we began operating in Februrary, 1997, resulting in an archive of literally hundreds of articles, each of which is actively linked within the pages of www.texascooking.com. They can be accessed by searching our various sections (Food Features, Dessert Spotlight, Texas Seafood, Beverage & Bar, etc.). Additionally, it may be helpful to browse our cookbook (Grandma's Cookbook). You will find a great many "from scratch" recipes, and only a few that call for canned cream of mushroom soup or boxed cake mixes.

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We have spelled out a few tips and guidelines that have helped us on our special page for webmasters.

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