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The Best of the Best from Oklahoma
Editors: Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley
Publisher: Quail Ridge Press
Soft cover, 288 pp.; List $14.95 -- Amazon.com Price $11.96 -- You save $2.99 (20%)
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The Best of the Best from Texas
Authors: Gwen McKee, Barbara Moseley (Editor)
Publisher: Quail Ridge Press; ISBN 0937552348
Hard cover; Amazon.com Price $18.95
Soft cover, 500 pp.; List $14.95 -- Amazon.com Price $11.96 -- You Save $2.99 (20%)

Selected Recipes from Texas' favorite cookbooks

The Best of the Best from Texas II
Authors: Gwen McKee, Barbara Moseley (Editors)
Publisher: Quail Ridge Press; ISBN 0937552623
Soft cover, spiral, 350 pp.
List $16.95 -- Amazon.com Price $13.56 -- You Save $3.39 (20%)
More selected recipes from Texas' favorite cookbooks.

Boardin' in the Thicket: Recipes and Reminiscences of Early Big Thicket Boarding Houses
Author: Wanda A. Landrey
Publisher: University of North Texas Press; ISBN 1574410547
Soft cover, 216 pp.
List $15.95 -- Amazon.com Price $12.76 -- You save $3.19 (20%)
A Texas Cooking Online Editor's Choice (see review at Editor's Choice)

A descendent of one of the pioneering boarding house families, Wanda Landrey searched the Big Thicket region of East Texas to find survivors of the boarding house era and to collect their stories and recipes. Part regional history, part cookbook, Boardin' In The Thicket is a nostalgic tour-de-force evoking an era now gone, but once a familiar part of frontier culture and experience. While a delightful and personalized history, Boardin In The Thicket also offers a uniquely appealing series of dishes drawn from the menus of the boardinghouse kitchens, from Mrs. Badders Steamed Fruitcake, Aunt Phein's Bread Pudding, and Old-Fashioned Fudge to Fried Frog Legs, Creamed Stewed Onions, and Country Style Baked Fish. Illustrated with period photography.

The Border Cookbook - Authentic Home Cooking of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico
Authors: Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
Publisher: The Harvard Common Press; ISBN 1558321039
Soft cover, 500 pp.; Amazon.com Price $17.95
In their big, exuberant cookbook, the Jamisons return to the simple, home-style roots--Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo--of Southwestern cooking. In more than 300 recipes, both classic and new, they explore the common elements and regional differences of border cooking, from Tex-Mex to New Mex, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. More than 300 recipes, complemented by regional lore and a wealth of illustrations, draw on the Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo roots of southwestern cuisine to produce delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes.
Hard cover, 500 pp.; Amazon.com Price $29.95

A Bowl of Red
Authors: Frank X. Tolbert, Hallie Stillwell
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press; ISBN 0890965986
Soft cover; List $9.95 -- Amazon.com Price $7.96 -- You Save $1.99 (20%)

This is the book that got it all started. John Raven, in his October, 1997, column Chili Weather, says

All the hoopla about chili started in 1967 as a publicity stunt to promote the book, A Bowl of Red, authored by Frank X. Tolbert, a columnist for the Dallas Morning News. Tolbert and some of his friends from the Chili Appreciation Society International arranged a competition between H. Allen Smith, a noted writer, and Wick Fowler, another journalist and Texas chili ambassador. The much publicized event ended in a draw and a pledge to renew the competition the following year.

Butter Beans to Blackberries: Recipes from the Southern Garden
Author: Ronni Lundy
Publisher: North Point Press; ISBN 0865475474
Hard cover, 347 pp.; List $30.00 -- Amazon.com Price $21.00 -- You save $9.00 (30%)
A Texas Cooking Online Editor's Choice (see review at Editor's Choice)
A cookbook that puts you on the front porch, snapping beans, sipping iced tea and waiting for your peach cobbler. In this definitive cookbook, Ronni Lundy draws upon her Kentucky mountain roots and on the recipes and food passions of the fellow Southerners -- from home cooks to a new generation of professional chefs -- she met in her extensive regional travels. Lundy cooks her way through the bounty of the Southern garden, from succulent purple speckled butter beans and lady cream peas to corn and greens, muscadines, Georgia peaches, figs, mayhaws, and watermelon. She visits farm markets and festivals, finds heirloom-seed growers, and provides mail order sources for everything from sweet-potato chips and "old-fashioned whole heart" grits to fiery-orange HoneyBells. Butter Beans to Blackberries is also a great guide for food-conscious visitors to a South that is rediscovering its culinary heritage.

Cocina de la Familia: More than 200 Authentic Recipes from Mexican-American Home Kitchens
Author: Marilyn Tausend
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; ISBN 0684818183
Soft cover, 200 pp.; List $27.50 -- Amazon.com Price $19.25 -- You Save $8.25 (30%)

Of the 13 million Americans who think of themselves as Mexican Americans, what are they cooking at home today? The author discovered, as she crisscrossed the U.S., that their roots run deep; these families stick together and trace their heritage back to the regions of Mexico from which they sprang, and the food tells the story. Mind you, a little Coca-Cola might get mixed in with a dish today, and canola oil might well be used instead of lard; after all, times change, and people change with them. But some elements stay basically the same: a strong sense of family and a delight in bringing a big family together to eat. Crack open this book, use the recipes, and fill your house full of the love that comes from serving -- and eating -- real food.

Cooking with Too Hot Tamales: Recipes & Tips from TV Food Network's Spiciest Cooking Duo
Authors: Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, Helene Siegel
Publisher: William Morrow & Company; ISBN 0688151213
Hard cover, 226 pp.; List $22.00 -- Amazon.com Price $15.40 -- You Save $6.60 (20%)

This eagerly awaited companion to the Television Food Network series Too Hot Tamales captures the sassy cooking style that their nationwide television audience looks forward to every day. In over 150 recipes, the engaging duo demonstrate their honed culinary technique, their commitment to the finest, freshest ingredients, and their enthusiasm for flavors from around the world. Using traditional Mexican, Brazilian, Cuban and Spanish tastes and combinations, enhanced by their creative, modern sensibilities, Too Hot Tamales satisfies any appetite. From Roasted Chile Frittatas to Turkey Tamales with Fresh Cranberry Salsa to milky, cool Horchata Ice Cream with Cinnamon and Pecans, this ultramodern pair create recipes that are honest and accessible, funky and fun.

Cookwise - The Secrets of Cooking Revealed
Author: Shirley O. Corriher
Publisher: William Morrow & Co., Inc.; ISBN 0688102298
Hard cover, 524 pp.; List $28.50 -- Amazon.com Price $19.95 -- You save $8.55 (30%)
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Dirty Dining: A Cookbook, and More, for Lovers
Author: Gennie Siena Bivona
Publisher: Republic of Texas Press; ISBN 1556222580
Soft cover, 144 pp., Amazon.com Price $12.95

Finally, a cookbook especially for lovers. Dirty Dining is a generous and slightly sensuous collection of interesting and delicious recipes all designed to help couples maintain that special spark so essential to any relationship. With chapters such as Whips on the Wall, Piggy Piggy, Strip Lunch, and All Day Sunday, Ginnie Siena Bivona explains how to make the dining experience more than simply a meal. Perhaps the ultimate shower gift for newlyweds, this cookbook is a must for anyone who wants to keep the flame flickering in a relationship.

The El Paso Chile Company's Texas Border Cookbook
Authors: W. Park Kerr, Norma Kerr, Michael McLaughlin
Publisher: William Morrow & Company; ISBN 0688109411
Hard cover, 272 pp.; List $17.00 -- Amazon.com Price $11.90 -- You save $5.10 (30%)
A collection of over 100 authentic recipes guaranteed to please the most hot-headed "child heads" and inspired by the traditionally piquant foods of the Spanish, Mexican, and Pueblo Indians, featuring salsas, nachos, burritos, huevos, grilled tequila-lime chicken and lots more.

The El Paso Chile Company's Burning Desires: Salsas, Smoke & Sizzle
Authors: W. Park Kerr, Michael McLaughlin
Publisher: William Morrow & Company; ISBN 0688132502
Hard cover, 269 pp.; List $16.00 -- Amazon.com Price $11.20 -- You save $4.80 (30%)
The author cooks up more fiery West Texas foods. With grilling recipes for palate-thrilling delights, Kerr includes suggested menus, regional side dishes, thirst quenchers and mouth-cooling desserts, including Hickory-Smoked Pork Chops with Red Chile-Apple Compote and Mesquite-Grilled Spareribs, along with delicious sauces and marinades. Illustrated.

The El Paso Chile Company's Sizzlin' Suppers
Authors: W. Park Kerr, Justin Schwartz (Editor)
Publisher: William Morrow & Company; ISBN 0688132502
Hard cover, 288 pp.; List $18.95 -- Amazon.com Price $13.27 -- You save $5.68 (30%)
In Sizzlin' Suppers, the author likes to wander around come supper time, so don't be surprised to find Horseradish Potato Salad (the author nominates this dish to the Steak Side Dish Hall of Fame) or Roasted Beet and Vidalia Onion Salad. Sure, there's a Tortilla Soup, but don't miss out on White Bean and Garlic Soup with Grilled Sausages. Kerr takes a swipe at the classic Salade Nicoise, but adds a grilled salmon in place of tuna. His Grilled Shrimp with Guava Barbecue Glaze says a lot more about Puerto Rico than it does El Paso. The man likes to eat, everywhere, and then he brings it all on home.

Jane Butel's Southwestern Kitchen
Author: Jane Butel, Mark Tucci (Illustrator)
Publisher: H.P. Books; ISBN 1557880905
Soft cover, 352 pp.; List $17.00 -- Amazon.com Price $13.60 -- You Save $3.40 (20%)

This very special Southwestern cookbook includes authentic family recipes and innovative dishes using traditional ingredients. Recipes feature the basic techniques for preparing everything from quesadillas and salsas to chili and tamales. Filled with the spice and flavor of the Southwest, here is a truly savory cookbook.

Jane Butel's Tex-Mex Cookbook
Author: Jane Butel
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc.; ISBN 0517880148
Soft cover, 192 pp.; List $ 11.00 -- Amazon.com Price $8.80 -- You save $2.20 (20%)

A classic Tex-Mex cookbook for over ten years. Enjoy hundreds of recipes, including the best Guacamole ever, perfect Margaritas, Tamales and the famous Bowl of Red Chile. Also, there are new favorites like Sopaipillas, Crab-filled Enchiladas and New Mexican Hot Chocolate. Great menu and party ideas for every occasion are included, along with everything you need to know about spices, chiles and sauces.

Lean Star Cuisine - Regional Lowfat Cookery
Authors: Terry Conlan, Charles Loving (Illustrator)
Publisher: Favorite Recipes Press; ISBN 0961947616
Hard cover, 300 pp.; List $19.95 -- Amazon.com Price $13.97 -- You Save $5.98 (30%)

Legendary lowfat cookery from Lake Austin Spa Resort. Enjoy their lighthearted approach to over 200 healthy and deliciously lean recipes.

Making it Easy: Cajun Cooking
Author: Chef Arlene Coco
Publisher: Republic of Texas Press; ISBN 1556226497
Soft cover, 211 pp.; List $18.95 -- Amazon.com Price $15.16 -- You save $3.79 (20%)

In her mother's kitchen in Baton Rouge, Chef Arlene Coco learned to cook cajun. Now the secrets of a longtime Louisiana chef are revealed, and among the recipes are family stories of a time when life on the bayou was sweet and simple. The book simplifies directions for clear understanding and fast, easy preparation, and is divided into several sections, from simple everyday meals to more elaborate menus for entertaining. Each chapter ends with a grocery list for each recipe.

Making it Easy: Southwest Desserts
Author: Chef Pete Nolasco
Publisher: Republic of Texas Press; ISBN 1556226500
Soft cover, 200 pp.; Amazon.com Price $18.95

Chef Pete Nolasco gathers great desserts from all over the Southwest to create sensational endings for every kind of meal. Simple, clear instructions walk the novice cook through preparation, baking and serving, listing steps in an easy-to-follow numerical order. At the end of each chapter is a grocery list for each recipe. The book also features useful cooking hints and tips from the chef. The author has had a distinguished career as a professional chef. He is Executive Chef at Sambucca, one of Dallas' most upscale restaurants. He is also a chef-teacher at Dallas Family Outreach, teaching nutrition and cooking to disadvantaged families.

Mansion on Turtle Creek Cookbook
Author: Dean Fearing
Publisher: Grove Press; ISBN 0802113974
Soft cover, 128 pp.; List $27.50 -- Amazon.com Price $19.25 -- You Save $8.25 (30%)
Dean Fearing, executive chef of Dallas' Mansion on Turtle Creek, shares the same recipes that established the restaurant's overwhelming success as a leader in regional cooking. Great detail, color illustrations and very enjoyable, it's the next best thing to being there.

Matt Martinez's Culinary Frontier: A Real Texas Cookbook
Author: Matt Martinez, Steve Pate
Publisher: Doubleday; ISBN 0385485069
Hard cover, 288 pp.; List $27.50 -- Amazon.com Price $19.25 -- You save $8.25 (30%)
Martinez practices true cowboy and prairie cooking. He claims that all dishes can be prepared in a cast-iron skillet. He believes in lard and homemade chorizo, but also cooks lean food. Carne Gasado, an elemental chicken stew, Matt's Jalapeño Coleslaw, and creamy King Ranch Casserole made with sirloin are evidence of his cooking style. Catch the recipes for smoky and hot Chipotle Sauce, unusual Corn Tortilla Quesadillas, and incendiary Prairie Mary Cocktail. If you get to Dallas, the Smoked Baked Potato served at Matt's No Place, one of the four restaurants Martinez has in Texas, is an experience long remembered. Thanks to Culinary Frontier, you can try to duplicate it at home.

Mr. Food - Easy Tex-Mex
Author: Art Ginsburg
Publisher: William Morrow & Company; ISBN 0688145787
Hard cover, 256 pp.; List $11.95 -- Amazon.com Price $8.37 -- You Save $3.58 (30%)

Adding another title to his popular cooking series, Mr. Food offers more than 150 crowd-pleasing Tex-Mex recipes for every meal or occasion, including Turkey Chimichangas, Pepper Jack Quesadillas and Tortilla Soup, plus drinks and desserts.

My Mexico: A Culinary Odyssey with More than 300 Recipes
Author: Diana Kennedy
Publisher: Clarkson Potter; ISBN 0609602470
Hard cover, 512 pp., List $32.50 -- Amazon.com Price $22.75 -- You Save $9.75 (30%)
"Why my Mexico?" asks Diana Kennedy in her introduction to this long-awaited book. The answer is simple and obvious: it is a highly personal book about the Mexico she knows. And no one knows Mexico the way Diana does. When Diana Kennedy first came to Mexico more than forty years ago, she did not intend to become the country's premier gastronome. But that is what she has become, traveling endlessly, learning the culinary histories of families, hunting elusive recipes, falling under the spell of the beauty of a countryside that produces such a wealth of foods. She has published five books and is referred to variously as the Julia Child, the Escoffier, and the high preiestess of Mexican cooking. Most important, she has taken as her eternal project to record not only the wealth of Mexican culinary knowledge and folklore but also the fascinating stories behind it all.

New Tastes from Texas
Author: Stephan Pyles
Publisher: Clarkson Potter; ISBN 0609803328
Soft cover, 192 pp.; List $18.95 -- Amazon.com Price $15.16 -- You Save $3.79 (20%)
No one knows Texan food like Stephen Pyles, acclaimed chef of Star Canyon and AquaKnox restaurants in Dallas. Ever since the release of his best-selling New Texas Cuisine, cooks around the country have been hungry for more. The wait is over with New Tastes from Texas, a lushly illustrated new collection of recipes takes readers on a culinary tour of the great state, from the Gulf Coast to the great wide west, from the bayou to the border.

The Only Texas Cookbook
Author: Linda West Eckhardt
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Company; ISBN 0877191239
Soft cover, 284 pp., List $12.95 -- Amazon.com Price $10.36 -- You save $2.59 (20%)
A Texas Cooking Online Editor's Choice (see review at Editor's Choice)

Salsas That Cook: Using Classic Salsas to Enliven Our Favourite Recipes
Author: Rick Bayless
Publisher: Scribner; ISBN 0684856948
Soft cover, 128 pp.; List $18.00 -- Amazon.com Price $18.95 -- You Save $3.60 (20%)
There's a lot more going on with salsa than its traditional role as a dip or dunk for corn chips. Rick Bayless, author of the bestselling Mexican Kitchen, is on a mission to prove to home cooks everywhere that this spicy sauce adds oomph to pasta, zest to meats, passion to potatoes and invigoration to vegetables. Bayless takes six salsas (which can be made in the comfort of your own home or bought via mail order) and then uses them in more than 50 recipes, including a fiery tequila chaser.

Authors: Mark Charles Miller, Stephen Pyles, John Sedlar
Publisher: Macmillan; ISBN 0028613279
Hard cover, 192 pp.; List $25.00 -- Amazon.com Price $17.50 -- You Save $7.50 (30%)

Tamales -- little packages of corn masa dough containing a tasty filling and wrapped in a dried corn husk -- are an increasingly popular feature of Southwestern and Mexican cooking. They are inexpensive, easy to prepare and highly versatile. The authors, internationally acclaimed Southwestern chefs, present their imaginative and delicious takes on this wrapped-up dish. The tamales range from the classic to the exotic. A chapter on New Wave tamales offers some of the most inventive and unusual twists on tamales yet. Illustrations and photographs clarify the techniques of preparing foodproof tamales, including how to wrap, tie and steam them, and offer ideas for such innovative presentations as wrapping in foil and making miniature tamales.

ĦTequila! Cooking with the Spirit of Mexico
Author: Lucinda Hutson
Publisher: Ten Speed Press; ISBN 0898156637
Softcover, 158 pp., List $18.95 -- Amazon.com Price $15.16 -- You save $3.79 (20%)
Texas Cooking Online Review of this book

Texas the Beautiful Cookbook
Authors: Patsy Swendson, June Hayes, E. Jane Armstrong (Photographer)
Publisher: Harper Collins; ISBN 0002250357
Hard cover, 256 pp.; List $50.00 -- Amazon.com Price $35.00 -- You Save $15.00 (20%)

From its wide open spaces to its rich oil wells, Texas has always been larger than life. Now this lavishly illustrated cookbook, with all new recipes and photographs, explores this expansive state whose culinary landscape is as vast and varied as its terrain. Includes over 200 mouth-watering recipes.

Texas Home Cooking
Authors: Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
The Harvard Common Press; ISBN 1558320598
Softcover, 584 pp., Amazon.com Price: $17.95
Hardcover, 584 pp., Amazon.com Price: $29.95
Texas Cooking Online Review of this book

Top Texas Chefs Cook at Home: Favorite Recipes
Author: Ginnie Siena Bivona
Publisher: Republic of Texas Press; ISBN 1556226519
Soft cover, 250 pp.; List $18.95 -- Amazon.com Price $18.95 -- You Save $3.79 (20%)

This delightful book showcases the favorite home cooking recipes of some of the most talented chefs in the Lone Star State. Each chapter features a story about the chef, his or her life outside the restaurant, hobbies and interests, as well as favorite recipes they use for entertaining in their own houses. The recipes are carefully chosen for simplicity and ease of preparation. Directions are clear and concise, and there is a detailed grocery list, itemized by recipe, for each menu. The author has written under the byline The Invisible Chef for many years and is the author of Dirty Dining: A Cookbook & More for Lovers (see above). She has taught cooking and was a caterer.

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