We're looking at a brand new year, here. Some folks are asking new questions and others are struggling with the same old ones. But let's get to it.

W1KPN writes:I would appreciate a recipe for blackened chicken. Thank you.

Okay, W1KPN. Give this a try:

Cajun-Style Blackened Seasoning

Mix all the seasonings and put a good coating on all sides of the chicken. Put the chicken in a very hot iron skillet. Turn after about two minutes, and keep turning until it's done. This method is ideal for thin cuts of meat such as fish fillets. A flattened chicken breast will work, but thick cuts like thighs or drumsticks will burn before the inside gets done. Thanks for writing.
Dr. John

Annamae writes: I'm using a gas grill. When cooking beef steaks, should they be cooked on high heat? When cooking pork steaks, should they be cooked on low heat?. Thanks for your input. Anna

Anna: Cook the beef and pork steaks the same way, over high heat. Theory is, the heat will seal the outside and leave the inside juicy. If you get into steaks over, say, three-quarters of an inch think, sear them over the high heat and then cut the heat down to finish cooking them. This will avoid charring the meat. You don't want to char the meat. Hope this helps. Thanks for writing.
Dr. John

Larry writes: Hi, Dr. John. First, thank you for your input and wealth of knowledge. I am living in Korea presently. (I'm in Korea serving with 1-2 Aviation Regiment as an AH-64D Longbow Helicopter Platoon Sergeant). My wife is in Texas, but I am from North Carolina. I noticed in a thread that a writer was asking for a recipe for North Carolina barbecue. I, too, long to taste the barbecue of North Carolina. I really like Texas and North Carolina barbecue, but need a recipe for North Carolina barbecue. Any help is much appreciated. God Bless America.

Hey Larry: Good to hear from you. Let's start with recipe for NC sauce: